Base Corp sees the special needs and challenges involved with cleaning and maintenance of industrial spaces. Base Corp offers industrial cleaning services personalized for the needs of your industrial space. A clean and healthy workspace is vital, and all safety issues are addressed through the cleaning services offered by Base Corp.

Base Corp is ready to meet with your staff and determine the specific requirements for your industrial space. We will construct a cleaning program and schedule tailored for your business to ensure a complete solution.



It is essential for any commercial space that a clean, inviting environment is established to all visitors and customers. It is crucial that all entrances, lobbies, offices and washrooms are spotless to solidify the reputation and perception of your business. Base Corp understands the vital role that an outward appearance plays in your business, and will work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with the degree of cleanliness.

Base Corp’s team of dedicated, well trained cleaning staff is prepared to clean and maintain the public areas, offices and storage areas of your commercial space. We will remove the added work of maintenance for you that your business can focusĀ  its attention to where it matters most: your customers.